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Great Gatsby 3D

Great Gatsby 3D will be released in may. That is the latest news. Leonardo DiCaprio is in this one. Hey, it is gonna be an awesome movie. Twenties really were roaring. Oh yes, that was the sound of motor cars. Like we hope people can see Great Gatsby 3D soon. Perhaps, it will appear this year. Yeah, over our internet even.

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Steven Gibbs - new parts

Got a call yesterday from Steven Gibbs. He is looking for other parts suppliers as Radio Shack will soon go away. Digikey did come up. Yeah, there were some other names. However, he does worry. What if the new parts do not work the same. Steven Gibbs is testing new units using his o scope.

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our universe

People, few places are as interesting as our universe. According to John Titor there are many. This multiverse theory is now common. Before it did seem so crazy. Well, times change as we say.

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Kodak bankruptcy now ditches digital cameras

Kodak is ditching digital cameras. This is a major move. Wonder what is in store for this once great company. Plan to concentrate on printers now. OK so will this pan out for the camera pioneer. Time will certainly tell us.

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Steven Gibbs on TV soon

Steven Gibbs called me up. He will be on TV soon. Oh yes, Steven Gibbs is on Conspiracy TV soon. It will be late Feb or early march, but not sure. This is going to be max.

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Future is now

John Titor spoke of people using computer distribution of book instead of paper. People focus on e-books now. This is the future that we see. Like there will still be some book on paper. However, they will be few not many.

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Mental Time Travel

Scientist are find a neural signature for mental time travel. This is an interesting finding for us. Maybe we can learn more on our processing. Personally, what I like is known as Astral Time Travel.

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Squatter nation

Couple lives in home with out paying mortgage five years. Well, it will be six soon. Banks have to go thru mountains of paper. Hope that people can find jobs soon.

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spring is near

Folks, glad you are all here because spring is near. The cold weather is going away. What can we now say. Hey, time to use my HDR outside even. These is now going to be more vortex hunting for me. I plan to follow my neighbors cat, because cats are natural vortex hunters and I want to find one.

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HDR apple

Here is an HDR apple movie. It is from…


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Scorch Regions

There are many HDR scorch regions. OK some may call them burn areas. I believe they are related to HDR use. Fact is, it could be a side effect of scalar waves. After using an HDR I have noticed small fires starting and things getting burnt up. It pays with scorch regions to exercise caution and care.

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Hybrids among us

Steven Gibbs says there are alien hybrids among us. This sounds very interesting to me. Hope we find out more soon.

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Calculate percent divergence

Here is an article on how you calculate percent divergence in different timelines or world lines as John Titor would say. It goes into detail as to what you should expect to see. Percent Divergence or %D is an important measure.

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Changes to HDRnow

There will soon be changes to HDRnow and it will have more pages. Hope to add information on the BW2000 which is the latest device from Steven Gibbs that I am using now. Stay tuned as exciting things are coming.

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Block Wall Device

Steven Gibbs called me today to give me the news. He is building a new device now. It is called by our inventor as a BW2000 or Block Wall Device and works using a natural magnetic vortex that you connect with using a rod made of copper. Steven Gibbs said to not use aluminum because it acts like a poison.

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Tesla Coil

I like to use a Tesla Coil with my HDR. Right now, there is a friend of mine building one. A tesla coil I mean. He is also working on an HDR time portal made from some pvc pipe.

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new HDR manual from Steven Gibbs

Folks, there is now a new HDR manual from inventor Steven Gibbs. Hope to start putting up the pages. It has diagrams as well as text on using an HDR. This manual is for the latest 2010 model produced by Steven Gibbs, but it should work with earlier units all the way back to 1985.

If anyone has questions about the manual, please email me. I will try to give you an answer.

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Getting an HDR

OK my suggestion is for you to build your own. The plans are available for free on the internet. Not only that, but the part are available at your local Radio Shack. This is better than buying a unit on Ebay or from some shadowy shadowpreneurs.

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HDR is ready

I have my 2009 model HDR ready. Plan to use my HDR or Hyper Dimensional Resonator to find out what takes place in 2012. Hopefully, nothing out of the ordinary. Plan to post results.

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Predictions for 2010

I predict in 2010 we will see precious metal rise. Also, price of energy goes up. Food prices will also increase.

Farmers will see profits increase. However, since diesel get more expensive, they will only a modest increase in money. However, the news for people in the city is not as rosy. Time to start a small vegetable garden.

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